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February 2021

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February Calendar

February 15 – President’s Day Holiday

February 8 – Valentine Cards week

March 2 – Open Enrollment Begins

First Priority Enrollment 2021-2022

Enrollment is open for Current Students before it opens to the public!

Preschool: $200.00
Elementary: $350.00

Discounted Enrollment only during the month of February!

It’s our annual time to sign up for the next school year!

We will open enrollment up to the public on March 2 at 6:00 p.m

The enrollment fees will be:
Preschool: $250.00
Elementary: $400.00


Wesleyan Students Creating Valentine’s Love Cards for PPUMC Members

Wesleyan students from age 2 to 2nd grade will make Valentine’s cards for members of Plymouth Park UMC.

During the week of Feb. 8, all students will create the cards. The Wesleyan staff will then deliver the cards to their homes and/or assisted living centers to spread some love and cheer.

Jokes from Ms. Buchanan’s Class!

Why can’t you be friends with a squirrel?

They drive everyone nuts!

Why did the squirrel climb a tree?

He was being naughty. (knot -ty)

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