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Serving Euless, Texas, for over 20 years

For over 20 years, Wesleyan Academe at Plymouth Park United Methodist Church has guided young minds in a Christ-centered education. During the 1970s, Plymouth Park Methodist Preschool and Kindergarten was first established to instruct the young preschool student. Renamed Wesleyan Academe in 1993, a new expanded education wing was constructed to accommodate our growing student body. Now after 50 years serving Arlington and the surrounding Metroplex, we have grown again! We are expanded our schoolrooms to offer more Day Care / Child Care classes for ages 2 years to Kindergarten.

Named after the most well known and beloved ministers of the early Methodist Church, John Wesley’s example of Christian education created enthusiasm for learning and moral behavior.

Our Wesleyan Academe teachers and staff yearn to teach, and your child be welcomed with joy. We admit all children, regardless of race, creed or religious background. We strive to continue to lead the way in Christian education. Our doors are open! We invite you and your child to come in and meet with us!

Services Provided

  • Day Care / Child Care – Before and after care for children ages 2 years to Kindergarten.
  • Preschool – Full day preschool for children ages 2 years to 4 years old.
  • Kindergarten – Private Pre-K and Kindergarten full day program.
  • First Grade – Private First Grade program.

Cities We Serve

Definition of Day Care

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Child care or day care is the care of a child during the day by a person other than the child’s legal guardians, typically performed by someone outside the child’s immediate family. Day care is typically an ongoing service during specific periods, such as the parents’ time at work.

The service is known as child care in the United Kingdom and Australia, crèche in Ireland and New Zealand, and child care or day care in North America (although child care also has a broader meaning).

Child care is provided in nurseries or crèches or by a nanny or family child care provider caring for children in their own homes. It can also take on a more formal structure, with education, child development, discipline and even preschool education falling into the fold of services.

Some childminders care for children from several families at the same time, either in their own home (commonly known as “family day care” in Australia) or in a specialized child care facility. Some employers provide nursery provisions for their employees at or near the place of employment.

Child care in the child’s own home is traditionally provided by a nanny or au pair, or by extended family members including grandparents, aunts and uncles.

History of Day Care

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Day care appeared in France about 1840, and the Société des Crèches was recognized by the French government in 1869. Originating in Europe in the late 18th and early 19th century, day cares were established in the United States by private charities in the 1850s, the first being the New York Day Nursery in 1854.