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School Holiday January 16

I hope you had a great week! As some of the students participate in hibernating in their pajamas, I have a couple of events upcoming in January. We love having a 100 day celebration fashion show and so this year it will be extra special on January 24 to show off our dressing like a 100 year old! Look for the detailed note coming home in your class folder about this special day.

Donation Box for Many Helping Hands

A collection of small bottles of soap, bar soap, lotion, toothpaste or shaving cream will be our donation to MANY HELPING HANDS for the homeless of Irving this month The donation box is in our hallway.

Blessings of the new year to all our parents!

100 Year Celebration Fashion Show January 24 at 9:00 am

It's 100 days of school upcoming on Jan. 24! Come celebrate with PreK 4, Kindergarten and 1st grade as they dress like a 100 year old! All parents are invited to come! All students will attend this special event at Wesleyan in the gym.

Donation Box for Many Helping Hands

Our goal is to collect 100 items for the homeless of Irving! Please send in small items only such as toothpaste, shaving cream , lotion, liquid soap or wash or shampoo. The box will be in the hallway until January 31.

We love our playground!

Texas is nice in the winter! Please bring a jacket to school and playshoes so that we all can play outside when the weather and sun is nice!