Wesleyan Academe News: January 2014

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Wesleyan Academe Newsletter January 2014

Wesleyan Academe News

January 2014

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January Events

January 20, 2014
Holiday – Martin Luther King Day school holiday

January 21, 2014
Holiday – Teacher In-service Day school holiday

January 31, 2014
10:00 am Tours of the school for open enrollment

February Events

February 1, 2014
Enrollment begins for Current Students for 2014/15 school year with discount.*

February 3-7, 2014
Irving Cares Collection Week! 100 Days of School

February 15, 2014
Open Enrollment begins for 2014/15 school year

Enrollment for 2014- 2015!

Beginning on February 1-14, 2014, all current students will
have the opportunity to secure their spot for the next school year!

We will offer to all current families, a discount of $50.00 off all enrollment
fees for preschool and $100.00 off all elementary fees. Remember, to refer
us to your friends and receive a $100.00 off your tuition for one month.

Your referral MUST tell us the day they enroll that you referred them to

Enrollment Fees:

Preschool: $200.00* if paid by February 14, 2014

Elementary: $300.00* if paid by February 14, 2014 Kindergarten and
1st Grade